Saturday, January 22, 2011

365 Week 3

week 3
Days start at the top left and go down:

Day 15: Audrey in the bathtub
Day 16: A flame.  There was a photo challenge where the theme was hot, so I took a picture of the flame of a candle I was burning.  I like it.
Day 17:  Hearts on our mantle.  Leah and her sitter made a chain of hearts for our mantle.
Day 18: Audrey playing with Leah's butterfly wings from Halloween.  She just walked out with them and started trying to put them on.
Day 19: This dog just came up to our house.  She was super sweet, and we put her in the backyard so we could find her a home, but then she ran away the next day.
Day 20: Leah smiling.
Day 21: Sunset.  I love when people post specifics about how to take the best pictures, so the sunset was gorgeous on Friday and I just had to try the settings out.  I think it worked.

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  1. Cool photos. Looks like a great week. I love the sunset photo.

  2. What darling pic!! I love the sunset and the bathtime one!! Cant wait for next week!! hugs


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