Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you ever?

Have you ever had one of those days when you walk into work/school/church/whatever and you notice something odd?

You are talking with a friend and all of a sudden a whiff of body order disturbs your nose.  Ugh, doesn't this guy know to shower everyday?  You quickly finish the conversation and move on to the other side of the room.  You start talking with another friend only to smell b.o. again.  Doesn't anyone wear deodorant anymore?

You walk away when all of a sudden a thought enters your head; what if it's you who smells?

Quickly you think back to this morning?  Did you shower?  check.  Deodorant? ummm ...

You blaze a way to the bathroom pushing people down on your way.  Once safely in the stall; you sniff.  Oh my goodness, you stink!  What can you do now?  You can't leave work/school/church/whatever. 

Have you ever tried to wipe your armpits to get rid of the sweat?  or put some soap on a paper towel and hope it works a bit like deodorant?

You walk out of the bathroom with your arms tightly clenched to your sides and make awkward motions as you get back to your spot.  All day you are aware of people talking and laughing in tight circles.  You just know they are talking about you.  Oh my gosh, did they just point your way?

Have you ever wanted to be invisible?  Someone comes up to make conversation and you run away like the need to go to the bathroom just came over you.

Have you ever had a day like that?


oh ...
me neither ...

p.s. I swear I am wearing deodorant today!  This post was inspired by my seeing someone somewhere talking about their most embarrassing moments.  I couldn't think of my most embarrassing moment, but I have had many embarrassing situations.


  1. I have done that before and Have done it when I KNOW I used Deodorant .. I finally found one that doesn't give up on me when I am busy and going constantly

  2. I have done this before. I know what you went through. lol.

  3. Oh those are the days... Oh well you just go with it.. Have a great day..


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