Monday, January 31, 2011

It's cool because I'm a Mom

Some people plan on being a Mom.  They plan emotionally by reading books on how to get pregnant, how to have a good pregnancy and a million books about how to raise a baby.  They collect toys for their little one in anticipation of becoming a mom.

Some people don't plan on being a Mom (at that time). They just have this feeling that leads them to pee on a stick and then curse.  Yeah ... that would be me.

but (big butt) being a mom is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me

Now, it doesn't seem weird that I have two VeggieTune cd's and know all the words to Larry's Silly Songs.  It's cool, because I'm a Mom.

It's not strange that I have a few coloring books lying around the house (I've had some of 'Leah's' books since college).  People expect me to have toys, because I'm a Mom.

When I decide to run and jump over the lines in the floor at Sam's Club no one thinks I'm crazy.  Rather it's cute because my daughter is running and jumping with me.

People have changed thier first opionon of the girl who randomly sings in public, makes silly faces and skips down the sidewalk from 'a bit strange' to it's cool, she's a Mom.

Oh of course there's the hugs and kisses and undying love.  The way they call to you when they are hurt or cuddle next to you when you are sleeping. The way they comfort you when you are sad and ask you to stay in the bed with them just a bit longer. 

Sure there's all that mushy stuff and the amazing love I never thought was possible that comes with being a Mom ...

But really ... being a Mom rocks because I can be goofy anytime I want and it's cool because I'm a Mom!

Are you a Mom?  What's your favorite (non-mushy) part of the job?


  1. You pretty much summed it up for me! Since I have boys, the farting is always a fun thing for them. Or, just any kind of weird, gross noise is right up their alley. I'll admit, I join in! From "Pull my finger" to saying words like "poop" or "stinky" because it makes my older son giggle. Ultimately, I love having someone so helpless depend on me. I love that feeling.

  2. I like playing Barbie dolls. I like to dress them up and brush their hair. That was really weird 6 years ago. Now? Not so weird!

  3. We get to be silly.

    I get to make sandcastles b/c I'm a mom. I get to laugh too loud b/c I'm a mom.

  4. This is such a great post...I love hearing how you are so good about playing with your kids. I am often terrible about it. I get lazy, selfish, too...grown up for all that kid stuff. What a great reminder - thank you!

  5. I love watching the VeggieTales movies...and being considered still cool even though I know the lyrics to We Are the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything song... when i asked my daughter what the best part of her day was yesterday (including a doggie birthday party) she answered simply, "Mommy". That's what makes being a mom worth it. even when i'm a jerk and cranky, she still loves me and just wants to give me a hug to make it better. :)
    (Ps thanks for sharing and reminding me how much I do love being a mom)

  6. What a great post.
    Non-mushy favorite thing? I love embarrassing my kids. Once they become teenagers, it's TOO easy. It's absolutely delightful!

  7. Love this! I love being a mom. It's so hard sometimes but well worth it! xo

  8. I Love it all, being stupid, goofy, sloppy kisses, lots of hugs, even the bad parts...I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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