Saturday, January 22, 2011

{Thrive project} Shutter Speed

The Thrive Project comes from Farmgirl Paints.  She is taking a photography class and is involving all of us in the lessons she is learning at class.  I LOVE this!!!!

This week's lesson is on Shutter Speed.  Shutter speed is how fast or how slow your shutter opens and closes. The slower it closes the more blur there will be to your photo, the faster it closes the less blur there will be.

So, I may be the only person in love with photography to still be using a point and shoot, but I can still manipulate it (b/c my hubby is awesome and got me a high end one).  Even though my camera has a dial setting for shutter speed, I used my Manual setting.  it's my new fav! In the Shutter setting the camera automatically set my ISO (that has to do with how bright/dark the photo is) and it was way too bright since when you lower the shutter speed you also let in more light.  So I used my Manual setting with a slow shutter speed and a low ISO; oh and a moving car ... and this is what I got!

Try #1:
slow shutter 2

Try #2: (SOOC)
slow shutter 1

I think I like Try #2 better because of the contrast between the side mirror and the moving cars.  What do you think?  Have you ever tried playing with your shutter speed?


  1. I think I wish I had more time and patience for photography! It seems like a lot of fun :)

  2. Okay this is just soooo cool. I really wanted to try this and didn't get around to it. I love the effect. Thanks so much for signing up and participating!

  3. You won this week's challenge...yay:)


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