Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Memory of Matt


A year ago today my world was rocked.  One of my great friends, Matt Miller, was tragically killed at 25 in a freak hunting accident.

It's been over a year since his chat window popped up on my Facebook.  It's been over a year since I last answered the phone to: "Christy, this is God speaking."  It's been over a year since we've argued over Auburn/Alabama football.  It's been over a year since I laughed at his writings.  It's been a year of missing my friend.

I first met Matt when I was 10.  I had the biggest crush on him for about 2 years; one of those doodle his name everywhere crushes, lol.  Matt was always the guy I could go to for everything; and I do mean everything.  After my husband, he knew all my secrets.  He could have an entire room doubled over in laughter or hollering out Amen.  He was (is) a role model to me and so many more people.

We stood in line for almost 2 hours at his visitation.  There were so many people at his funeral they streamed it into the gym at church after the sanctuary filled up.  I think I heard the number somewhere in the 3,000's, but I can't really remember.

The night after he passed away, I dreamed about him.  I dreamed about the accident in striking details that I did not find out where true until days later.  When I woke, I woke with a feeling of peace.  I know he is in Heaven.  I know good will come of his short life.  I know his legacy will live on, and it starts with a couple of sentences he had as his 'about me' on Facebook.

"I strive to live life different.  When I die I want people to say that I had a positive impact on the lives of people that I came into contact with because I was willing to do things, say things, and give things others only dreamed about, and I want to have fun while I do it"
-Matt Miller

He was a pastor at the Methodist church in Millport, Alabama.  In his honor they named a food pantry after him:
 look at the inscription under the quote:  'spent a lifetime giving hope to the hopeless, feeding the unfed and loving the unlovable'

Today for every comment left on this post I vow to donate to the Matt T. Miller Food Pantry.  The average price for a can of food is about 60 cents, so for every comment I will donate 60 cents towards the Food Pantry.  In full disclosure, I can't send it till the end of the month, but I will send it in then, I give my word.

So ... tell me:
Is there someone who has giving you hope when you were hopeless?
Is there someone who has feed you when you were unfed?
Is there someone who has loved you when you were unlovable?

or tell me a way you want to live your life differently this year ...

Tweet this; share this; make me literally pay for this post :-)

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  1. this is a beautiful post, Christy! He lives on through your love for him and in your memories of him ♥

  2. Christy!
    What a beautiful testament to a friend.. I am going toshar ethis, not to make you pay, but so that Matt's message moves forward. I am humbled to have read about it.. and it makes want to pay it forward!

  3. It sounds like Matt was a wonderful man - how blessed you were to know him!

    That is a lovely photo!

  4. Wow - what an incredible life he lived. I teared up at your message today. His quote is quite an inspiration. I love that.

  5. <3 Hugz. He's watching over you from Heaven now, and I bet he's thrilled you're doing something awesome like this in his memory. :)
    and yes, I have been loved by someone when I was unlovable, I hope he's in heaven with your Matt.

  6. A great photo and blog post in honor of your friend.
    Also want to say thanks for your encouragement on my blog.

  7. W.O.W!!!! What a beautiful sharing of a dear friend. He is most certainly still with you!! Gorgeous photo and verse pairing!! Beautiful post!

  8. AMAZING!!! What a beautiful verse and amazing picture to show it. Praise God for salvation and a home in heaven!

  9. This is an amazing post Christy! I'm so sorry about your friend but your message is beautiful and I'm so glad you know where he is now. xo

  10. He sounds like an amazing person who lived a life to be proud of, although it was far too short. What a lovely tribute to your friend.
    I'm off to share your post!

  11. So sorry for you loss. What an amazing guy.

  12. Your are lucky you had the pleasure of his friendship...Such friends are rare. Coming over from Jenny's (saturday centus) had commnented on my blog sometime back....your words were moving... :)

  13. Christy, You know I had to comment. I seriously think of Matt everyday.

  14. What a beautiful post and remembrance. It really reminds me that I'm running the race God set for me, not the race I set for me. Thank you for sharing this reminder with us all!

  15. What a beautiful photo and verse and a great tribute to your friend!

  16. Very beautiful and what a great thing to do.
    Thanks for doing this and for sharing. We have a food pantry for teens on parole. I understand the need. Thanks again for doing this.


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