Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frozen Berries (Touch-up)

Ice ...

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Ice was all over our city yesterday.  It came with the snow so I tolerate it.  It keeps me at home though, but it does look pretty in photos.

SOOC (straight out of camera):
Winter Berries before

winter Berries after

I used Picnik.  I resized, sharpened, increased the contrast, added cross process to about 85% and wintererize to about 60%.

Is this sad ... I got PSE 9 for Christmas, but I haven't loaded it onto my computer yet.  I think I'm nervous.  I don't know as to whether I'm nervous I won't know how to do anything, or that I won't be able to leave the computer because I'll be so obsessed with it.  Or maybe it's because I'm comfortable with Picnik, but I really really want to expand my editing beyond the free internet sites.

Any recommendations for PSE beginners?  Do you have a favorite site for tutorials or anything?


  1. What a cool photo. Other then Ashley Sisk's blog for tutorials don't know any other ones right now.

  2. Great touch up, love the berries in the snow.

    I DL'd PSE9 to take Kim Klassen's class but didn't like it a whole lot (PSE9, not Kim's class, she's awesome). Anyway, if you go to you'll find tutorials there and also several downloads that I think work for PSE. ALSO if you go to Kim's site ( she offers classes here and there.

  3. Oooooh, great shot...and great edit. Fabulous job!


  4. I have PSE9 and love it... Kim Klassen's class is awesome and helped me a lot!!!! Like you though I do still like Picnik and can't seem to get away from picasa... I like quick!!

  5. Beautiful photo and you did a great job with your edit. If you are looking for pse help Erin Cobb just released a tutorial on her process and I think it's going to be phenomenal. It comes highly recommended by my favorite blogger, Karen Russell. Just google erin cobb and you'll find it. The tutorial is called clean color.

  6. Ohhhhh great shot & GORGEOUS edit! I am in love with it! xo

  7. Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!!

    I wish I had some recommendations for you - Good Luck!!!

  8. Love the picture and the edit! Wonderful! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday!

  9. Love your shot! Kim Klassen has great classes! I post free tutorials and screencast you can use for any Elements or Photoshop versions.

  10. Great frozen icicle buds! I like both your edits!

  11. This is really beautiful. I second Kristy - Kim's class is nice and basic. However, if you know the basics of Picnik, then PSE won't be a huge leap. I'll also be going into editing tips each week.

  12. pretty picture. I have ps and pse and elements to me is easier for photo editing.... have you looked at She has some tutorials


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