Friday, January 21, 2011

Leah said 'fragments'

Kids ...

honest and blunt, but they make you laugh ... so you gotta love 'em most of the time ...
2 / 365

So, I am known to be emotional at times.  And I am known to kinda exaggerate my frustration when we are say, running late or something is missing or Andrew is bugging me.  It's not good, I know, and I feel bad afterwards, but ... yeah ...

Now though when I start acting up, Leah looks at me and says in the most serious voice:
"Stop freaking out, Mommy!"

Thanks child ...

Leah, like most people children, has trouble with knowing when to use past tense verbs.  As someone who is bothered when I hear an adjective used instead of an adverb, I'm often correcting her.  She doesn't seem to like it, and now I'm greated with:

"ugh" or "again" both said with heavy annonyance

seriously ... she's 3 ... what is going to be like when she's 13?

Last night Leah picked up a 'child's first' Bible, and showed it to me. 

"Mommy, this is my most favorite book ever!"

"That's wonderful Leah. Do you know what book that is?"

"Yeah Mommy, it's the book about baby Jesus"

I start thinking, sweet!  Good job Leah.  She's getting there.  and then ...

"Mommy, I'm going to read you a story from this book."

hmmmm ... ok ...

"This one is called Belle's Sweet Dreams."

Well ... it was going good.  So next time you are reading the Bible make sure you look for the chapter on Belle :-)

and of course she says about a million more everyday, but this is all I can think of right now ...

Mommy's Idea


  1. LOVE ♥
    I love listening to children - the way they say things, the way they see them ... I like listening to them talk to each other when they think know one is paying attention.
    if you ever need a babysitter and you happen to be in so cal?? know that I am ALWAYS willing to watch your two - LOL!!

  2. These are great! My son says some corkers too! :) you are smart to get them written down.

  3. Kids can be so funny! I love listening to my son "read" his books.

  4. Belle must be one of those lesser known biblical characters. ;-)
    I give my kids lectures on using words properly. One of my huge peeves is when people use a word incorrectly. If you don't know the meaning, don't use it! Even my little ones are old enough to understand this (10 & 11) so they suffer through my rants.

  5. I love this. So hilarious! Cute photo too.


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