Friday, January 28, 2011

Picture Collages and Week 4

ok, I have a confession to make.  I am currently obsessing over story boards.  So, I'm not exactly sure yet how to edit my pictures with PSE 9, but I love making collages with it.

Like this one ... some pictures I took at the national championship celebration:
ntl champs

oh, and here's Toomers Corner:  (Auburn has a tradition that they roll the trees on Toomer's Corner after every win)

Here is Audrey playing with the alphabet caterpillar:  (i told ya; obsessed)
story 1

and last but not least ... my Week 4 Collage!
(by the way I am so happy I have made this four weeks and I can already see the improvement in my pictures)

week 4
start from the top left square and work your way to the right ...

Day 22:  Cam Newton (quarterback of the Auburn Tigers) high-fiving fans on the way to the stage.
Day 23:  Audrey after her nap.
Day 24:  Power lines that I pass on the way home from work.  The leading lines really intrigued me.
Day 25:  Tank the cat sleeping on our blanket; well he was sleeping till I started taking pictures of him
Day 26:  Leah and I at the circus!  We had a wonderful time!
Day 27:  Bath time with the girls.
Day 28:  Audrey climbed up onto the chair and I loved how she crossed her feet.

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  1. Haha! I have been obsessed lately with collages too (at my family blog Looks like you had a wonderful week! I love your tub shot. I also love the shot of Audrey climbing in the chair. She has the same look my daughter often gives me when I am snapping her pic!

  2. Great collages! I love the way Cam Newton enjoys his fans so much. He always seems so happy (of course with winning every game and the heisman it's easy to see why!) Great perspective on the bath shot and I love the power lines. Enjoyed your post!

  3. Wonderful photos. Love them all. Have a great weekend.

  4. Great photos. I love the toilet paper in the trees and the bath time shots.

  5. Ooh, that bathtime shot from above looks really cool. And, I love the hoody with all the flowers.

  6. The bath shot is really cool! :D

  7. just making rounds... this project is fun and inspiring... isn't it?! I wanted to do one last year but missed the boat! I am loving it ...
    I love the sweet baby toes in that last shot!!


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